When I first stepped into the Dishmonger last summer I didn’t really have much of a pitcher collection. I had pitchers, a few. but that wasn’t why i wandered in that day. My best friend and I were wandering around Northport on a sunny summer day when we spotted down a babyalleyway a cute new sign we had never seen before. I was unprepared for the wonderland that awaited me as I wandered down the alley and stepped into the serene air conditioning of the Dishmonger. I was unprepared for the obsession which would follow. Also, the pitcher collection.

The Dishmonger stocks it’s shelves (beautiful, historied, and often for sale, themselves) with “decorative but useful” (1) kitchen wares. Wait– that’s an understatement. Not to oversell the place, but I would go as far to say that the Dishmonger is the happiest, bestest, prettiest place in the world. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an oversell. I’m not sure. Anyway, the first time I went I left with a beautiful, two handled, two toned, two textured, yellow French Provencal pitcher.

And when I went back a year later the man behind the counter (presumably the owner Bob Simons) remembered the piece exactly when I mentioned “double handled.” I found this excessively impressive. The pitcher was so beautiful it got me hooked, the few pitchers became a few more and by the time I returned this month I was deep into collector mode. Deep in, and ready to fall in love with the right pitcher.

I fell for two, a humongous (vintage?) red and white FRENCH looking piece and a 1950s looking, red ball jug. The price point of the store consistently impresses me, the yellow pitcher was 20, the red and white was 25, and the red was one 15. The prices are so reasonable, making the Dishmonger’s diverse merchandise perfect for gift giving. Imagine presenting a friend with a beautiful set of antique dinner plates. A handmade, homemade reversible apron. Or a thick and delicious to the touch table cloth festooned with big red roosters.

The Dishmonger 146 Main Street Northport, NY 11768 (631) 239-1480

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  1. Hi, I don't know how I stumbled on your site. My name is Angela Simons, I am the Dishmonger! I'm glad you love our store, I don't think we'll be in business much longer, the economy has really hampered business

  2. And I'm Bobby, the other Dishmonger! We're thrilled that you found our little shop so wonderful and inviting. Nothing makes us happier than when someone finds something 'just right' on our shelves (fortunately Angela has the knack for finding these gems in the first place). It truly is the most satisfying part of all.

    We promise to hold on as long as we can!

  3. Please don't give up...this is the "other" Angela that wanders in from time to time and buys sauces, an occasional peeler, etc....my only regret is that I cannot buy more...but gift giving season is not that far away....and maybe, just MAYBE this will be a ---jolly gift giving season.....Hope to see you soon...the vacation check came in!!!Also, is there any way you could market yourself more as a store with wonderful items that could be used as bridal favors...or party favors????I don't think enough people know that you are there and that you have the incredible inventory that you do....keep smiling....(grawulf999), Peace, Angela

  4. Dear Lovely:

    I too love the Dishmonger and hate to leave until I've viewed everything in sight. I especially love the Provincal dish towels.
    I do have a comment for Lovely. I would greatly enjoy reading your blog if you would be consistent in writing. There are no lower case "i's." I is always capatilized. Anon

  5. I'm so glad all of you are enjoying the posts about the Dishmonger as much as I enjoy the store!

    Anon left at 5:24, if you see a lower case "i" know it was a typo, as much as I'd like to be perfect, I still fall short every once in a [long, long] while. I hope you keep reading anyway, your readership means a lot to us here at Lovely At Your Side.

    x. Jenny

  6. Dear Lovely,

    Thank you for blogging about The Dishmonger. Maybe if they keep getting this kind of attention- they will stay in business in Northport! The Dishmonger (and the couple that owns it) is very special. My mom and I go shopping there together and we love it! I was on the market for a hutch and Angela spotted one while she was on one of her treasure hunts. She bought it, packed it into her car for me, and stored it in her garage until I could come claim it. Who does that these days? The Dishmonger is by far one of the most unique stores. Thanks for the post!


  7. Thanks for stopping by Kim! That is such a lovely story. It's just the type of thing which keeps us here at Lovely At Your Side going.

  8. HEY - it was yours truly who humped that hutch all over the place! She just pointed.