I love Etsy. I love it because you can type in anything from "giraffe head" to "lovely teacup" and you, sitting in your desk chair, in your pajamas, can search and ogle thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind finds from all over the globe. In honor of my admiration and love for Etsy, I will be posting my Etsy Find of the Day so the Etsy-love can be shared.

Today's find is from Calobee Doodles. I adore her lovely drawings because they are simple, yet classic, beautiful, yet sophisticated. The doodle I fell in love with (and in honor of this company being run by crafty-sisters) was "we are all handmade"--an 8x12 print. I love their faces, positioning, and the simplicity of the print. I'm excited to see other designs from Calobee, a truly lovely Etsy shop.

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