Another one of the reasons I love Etsy is because you can search stores by location; to find the Etsy Find of the Day for this rainy Wednesday, I decided to search for stores close to Lovely At Your Side. I typed in "Long Island," and after some time searching I came across Flax and Spindle (love the name) which is a Long Island store based in Southold.

I am a huge fan of mixed media sewing projects. Once, while browsing the MOMA with my father, I told him I wanted to have a quilt in the museum someday and he said, "They wouldn't put quilts in a musuem of modern art." It's pretty much been my mission in life to prove him wrong since that point on. Which is why, when I saw this item for sale in Flax and Spindle, I fell in love.

The pillow is made from vintage linen, and the applique is a digitial image of an authetic, old, postcard! What a great idea. Flax and Spindle says,

"This pillow is hand sewn with some fantastic vintage linen in ecru. I was fortunate enough to come across this wonderful vintage post card, A note from a Mother to her son "Dear little son, Here is the bunny with your eggs- you must be a good boy so he wont pass you by, lots of love from Mama" post mark 1912. US postage 1 cent!"

What a great truly original find. I can't wait to do some holiday shopping at Flax and Spindle.

PS. She also sells fresh cut lavender!
PPS. Check out her great blog!

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