Today's Lovely Etsy Find of the Day is not only handmade, beautiful, and original, but totally practical too! I was looking around today trying to figure out what to type into the Etsy search box when I realized how plain my outlet covers were. I typed "outlet cover" into the search box and was pleasantly surprised when a ton of great hits came up. A lot of the covers were very pretty, but there wasn't any that would fit the style of my bedroom and act as a cover and piece of art until I stumbled upon these. Honeybee Ceramics, based in Santa Cruz, California, is a one-of-a-kind studio, creating these unique and gorgeous outlet covers which your friends are sure to covet.

I really, really enjoyed browsing Honeybee's website. I love the feature that you are able to change the background of the webpage to your wall color in order to see how the outlet cover will actually look in your house. Very smart!

The birds and vines are my two favorite covers. I love that they look like art pieces, yet have the feeling of being handmade. I could totally see these on my wall. I love the colors of the glaze and the birds! The vines are so classic and Ancient looking. These would be a great holiday present for people--or even a great bridal shower or new house gift.

Lovely At Your Side's friend Thomas tells us that
outlet covers are called escutcheons. See, you learn something new every day. Thank you, Thomas!

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