This month Country Living Magazine has a feature on camps for adults, and I'm packing my bags. So far I want to go to eight of the ten camps they profiled in the article, and that's really me trying not to be greedy...I actually want to go to all ten of the ten camps. There's:

  • The John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina which offers numerous classes in everything from Broom making to Spinning (wool, not yourself); Folk Lore to Geneology, and Black Smiths to Chair Seats (what does that mean? I want to know! I need to take it!). Also: storytelling! More class listings here. A weekend will run you around $444, how even. I love even numbers.
  • Squam Arts Workshops in Holderness, New Hampshire which offers a three day stay for just under $900, and includes classes with lovely names such as "Not Yo' Mama's Paste Paper" taught by Mary Beth Shaw, "Thinking Outside the Box," a box making class taught by Lisa Occhipinti, and "Cultivating Your Creativity Through Conscious Intention" taught by Helene Finizio.
  • The Sante Fe Photographic Workshops in, you guessed it, Sante Fe, offers all sorts of classes in photography, from traditional black and white printing to Adobe photoshop. Base prices start around $300, room and board being extra.
  • The Country Thread Quilt Camp in Garner Iowa makes me sad I live on the Lovely and Loved Long Island. So, so far from Iowa. In the big red barn, quilting lessons are taught and two lunches served without room for $175. Who wants to lodge me and my adorably short older sister in Iowa? Any takers?
  • The Steel Yard in, nearby, Providence, Rhode Island sounds like my kind of weekend, full of ceramics, jewelry making and glass casting. Room and board is not included in the $115 bill which includes materials, tools and classes. So again, who near Providence wants a sleepover? I'll bring the cookies and Olivia can provide a custom made quilt.
  • The Alabama Chanin Weekend Workshop in Florence, Alabama sounds so neat-- participants are provided with the materials and construction to reproduce a piece from Natalie Chanin's high end line. The weekend getaway runs "$1125 [and] includes materials plus welcome cocktail on Friday night, lunch on Saturday and Sunday morning brunch."
  • The Sononma County Grape Camp in Sonoma, California teaches everything you need to know about making wine, from the wine to the glass. Luxury accommodations, included meals and lessons cost just under $2,000 for a stay.
  • The Atlanta Printmakers Studio in Atlanta Georgia is another program which makes me curse these beautiful gold coasts and lush greenery. The camp offers weekend workshops with lessons from lithography to letterpress, printmaking to bookbinding. Classes range in price from $85-$200, room and board are not available. So Atlanta, Hot-lanta?, readers get your couches ready.
  • The Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina offers lessons by the week ranging from $445-$640 dollars, room and board are extra. Classes include everything from glassblowing to bookbinding, chair upholstering to woodcarving. Meals are all made from scratch, and the workshops in the beautiful and lovely Blue Ridge Mountains are available 24 hours a day. Oh no...I might have to go.
  • The Taos School of Metalsmithing and Lapidry Design in Taos, New Mexico keep classes to a maximum of four, a promise that your $700 for the session does not go to waste and that you learn as much as possible. Courses are offered in jewelry making, metalsmithing and stone laying.
The only problem being money, and time. But...I think the next year will need to hold one of these experiences for Olivia and I. Have any of you guys been to an adult craft camp? Any suggestions, warnings, interesting stories?

I can't find the article on Country Living's website, the article was on pages 69-71 in the August 2009 edition of Country Living, Vol. 32 No.8

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