The other day while driving around Long Island I decided I wanted to bring a bouquet of flowers home. I was driving into Huntington at the time and pulled over to Main Street Nursery.

I pulled into the very accessible lot and was immediately overwhelmed by the amazingly lovely scent of all the flowers outside. One of the reasons that this nursery is so popular is due to its friendly, efficient, and always smiling staff. This is my go-to place for Mother's Day, holiday flowers, congratulations flowers, etc. I've never once had a bad encounter with them. I went in and told them that I needed a twenty dollar bouquet of the most beautiful and colorful flowers that my budget would permit. They got right to work and I walked around the store. Not only does Main Street Nursery have beyond beautiful flowers, but their store is the epitome of lovely! They sell pillows, aprons, baskets, antiques, pitchers, housewares, and perfect gifts for any holiday.

Walking around their store, I had to keep biting my lip and saying, "No, Olivia, you don't need that gorgeous planter/mug/mosaic plate/beach hat/handmade card..." I could have spent hours in there! When I picked up my bouquet I was (as always) blown away; it was so dazzling it didn't even look like real flowers! Main Street Nursery is a Long Island staple, and I will definitely be back as soon as my vase is empty.
PS. They deliver!
PPS. They host birthday parties!

Main Street Nursery
475 West Main Street
Huntington, NY
(631) 271-0160

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