Today's sale of the day is a special multiple item entry. Yes! Very, very exciting! After shipping some packages out today I had wrapping on my mind, and when it comes to packaging kits there’s no one I’ve found more adorable than Matha Stewart. When Olivia and I sent out Christmas cookies to all of our friends this year we used boxes from the same set as the adorable ones on sale. Don't let the name "Tall Gingerbread Boxes" fool you, these are not season specific, they are just the delicious color of gingerbread and happen to be from the Martha Stewart Christmas Collection. But this lovely house motif works year round.

The set, marked down from $12.99 to $9.97, includes six boxes, six labels and tissue paper. While they are perfect for the intended cookies they could also be used for any number of other gifts: a small bottle of wine, champagne or liquor, body lotion, a personalized tote bag, etc, etc. Whatever does end up inside them, the outside is almost a gift in itself. What a pretty presentation, what a lovely package.

For more information and to buy, click here.

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