You may not have heard, though I'd be surprised, that it's my birthday. Yes, yes! My birthday! So obviously I'm bringing you sales on party supplies, because there's nothing Olivia and I think lovelier than heading to the party store on our birthdays and buying pretty plates, napkins, cups, hats and banners. Sometimes there's a theme, and yes, sometimes that theme is exquisitely under-aged. On Olivia's 23rd birthday the best offer at the party store was My Little Pony, say what you will, but that pony's got style.

Today Oriental Trading Company offers us Latex Pearlized Heart Balloons, marked from $3.49 down to $2.49 for a dozen. Pretty pink Dance Dessert Plates are $1.97 from $3.19 for 8.
For a little sparkle the Silver Foil Star
Beverage Napkins are priced down from $3.19 to $2.97 for a set of 16. And finally, for a little glam, the Glitter Star Sunglasses are available in sets of four for $3.97 from $4.29.

1. Latex Pearlized Heart Balloons; 2. Dance Dessert Plates; 3. Silver Foil Star Beverage Napkins; 4.Glitter Star Sunglasses

A little extra birthday luxury is worth it, it brightens the mood and makes the whole day sparkle a bit, and with these prices how can you really go wrong?

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