After perusing the Country Living magazine for so long, it was only natural to move on to the website, where I discovered something very cool and exciting.. they have a store! Usually my sales of the day are cheap, pocket change cheap, like the $5 shirt, the $6 sugar mice, or the $10 shorts. Today that is not the case, it's a good deal and a good investment. Olivia mentioned the cardinal rules of our family: don't leave books next to your bed because you will fall in the middle of the night, no R-rated movies until you're legal, and never waste even a scrap of Liberty of London. Another rule to add on to this would be: bedding and wall paper should all come from Laura Ashley. Now, over the years this rule took a back seat. Olivia and I have refused wall paper for pale yellow paint, and my duvet is from the Company Store, but I'm still drawn to Laura Ashley bedding. It stands up against time, stains and little kids, look dazzling the entire time. So here's a sale of the day that's a bit pricer then the norm, but a good deal for the package, and worth every cent.

The Emilie collection is priced down to around 50% off of each piece. The comforter sets range from twin to king and include the comforter, bed skirt and one (for twin), or two (full, queen, king) standard or king sized shams (king). The twin is $119.99 from $209.99, the full $159.99 from $349.99, the queen $179.99 from $399.99, and the king $199.99 from $499.99 (a huge savings!).

The sheet sets follow the same pattern of pillow cases in respect of size, the twin marked down from $59.99 to $34.99, the full from $119.99 to $59.99, the queen from $149.99 to $64.99 and the king and California king from $179.99 to 74.99.

The overall savings to buy a whole set seems worthwhile. And the set? Absolutely lovely.

For more information, sales and to buy, click here.

Save 10% off any single item. Coupon Code: H765P Valid through 8/4/09.

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