While visiting the library the other day, I noticed a book cart with a large "Books for Sale" sign on it. The cart was full of thick books, library casing wrapped around them, ready to be pried open and read. The shelf next to the cart was full of brand new children's books. Seriously, some were never used; I was the first person to crack their binding. I happened to only have two dollars in my pocket, so I resigned myself to only purchasing one used-library book; however, my eyes caught a sign which read, "Unless otherwise stated, each book is .25 cents." Twenty-five cents?! My eyes darted across all the books so quickly I had to place a hand on the first book and slow myself down, in order to properly browse through the cart. I ended up getting eight books; a book for each of my grandparents, a book about Marilyn Monroe for Jenny, and two children's books. I was elated. When I went to purchase the books, the librarian was so excited that someone wasn't merely borrowing from the library, but buying from the library. The next week I went back and bought four more books. It's amazing what a dollar can get you at the right places!

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