Today was one of those mornings I woke up with a stomachache: I had to find papers for my car that I misplaced. Whoops. After forcing myself to get out of bed and telling myself that perhaps I could find them by picturing them visually in my head and voila, they would appear in that place, I went over to start cleaning off the office desk in the attempt to find them. I did, eventually find them (go Olivia!), but in the process, I also found an old memento. My NovelKey. NovelKeys, which are handmade in Providence, Rhode Island, are keychains that look like little books and have quotes on them. The one I have is Edith Wharton (one of my favs) and the quote on the back says, "There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

They have a huge variety of authors, poets, statesman, etc. that it would be odd if you didn't find one you or your friend didn't like. Some of my favorites are,

I think these are an adorable little "I'm thinking of you" gift for a friend, or for yourself. They happen to be a beautiful pewter color, too, so they look great as a keychain. I love mixing modernity and traditional, classic pieces of history. I think NovelKeys is a great, classic, and very smart and creative independent company. They definitely hold the key to creativity!

PS. Also check out, NovelTeas, MusiKeys (love these too!!), and NovelStops.
PPS. They do custom work, too!

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