As Jenny said, we attended Family Fun Night in Northport tonight. And, I have to say, while I loved the people watching, the band, the smell of the delicious foods, my favorite part of the whole night was walking into the Dishmonger and being greeted by the incomparable Angela. She's the kind of store-owner that every town needs; she remembers your name, she remembers what you bought the last time, and has the foresight to know what you are going to buy this time. With her kind smile and vivacious laugh, she comes out from behind the counter to guide you throughout the store and show you exactly what she thinks you would like (and she is 100% of the time on point!).

Going into the Dishmonger is like entering another time period, another world. You are suddenly filled with sights, sounds, emotions, and even tastes, of another time and place. Everything in the store, including all the shelving, is handpicked by Angela. And as she says, "Anything that's not nailed down is for sale!" (Though, she's such a salt of the earth woman that she would probably get out her hammer and undo any nails from the item if you really loved it).

Lovely at Your Side is a huge fan of local stores. Not every local store, however, has the charm, style, and warmth that the Dishmonger has. If you're passing by Northport anytime soon, be sure to check out the Dishmonger for amazing deals on some of the most gorgeous housewares, antiques, and one-of-a-kind finds you will ever see!

The Dishmonger 146 Main Street Northport, NY 11768 (631) 239-1480

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