It's not often one comes across a blog dedicated to the art of brunching, so when I stumbled into Champagne Sundays (love the name!) I got immediately hooked. Written by the witty and intelligent Jeanne-Marie, the blog focuses on lovely brunch spots up and down the East Coast. If you ever thought brunch was "just another meal," think again! Jeanne-Marie analyzes every brunch she has, from the consistency of the blueberries in the pancakes, to the style of the rugs in the restaurant. She happens to review beautiful locations (so jealous!), and often provides the reader with equally as beautiful pictures. And she doesn't mess around; Jeanne-Marie loves brunch so much that she's having a brunch wedding and she hosted her own "Engagement Brunch." Go check out Champagne Sundays; personally, I'm looking forward to seeing where she "brunches" next!

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