When I first met Sarah we were 14; I was quiet, shy and scared, she was excited, friendly and very outgoing. Sarah could make light of any situation, and oh, how many situations you have when you're 14 and a freshman in high school. She was always ready to patch a group date gone awry with a joke, or offer up an outfit when you had just absolutely nothing in your wardrobe (I will always feel that way, I fear). Today I'm proud to feature Sarah on Lovely At Your Side as someone who's doing something great for themselves and others-- on Sunday, September 20th, Sarah will be running in the Philadelphia Half Marathon. Besides being totally impressed by the ability to run 13.1 miles, Sarah continues to impress by running for the Michael Piegare Foundation, a sports scholarship program founded in honor of the late Michael Piegare. The Foundation:

"recognizes the positive and powerful role organized sports play in the development of our youth. The mission of the Foundation is to nurture and empower young athletes to be the best they can be and help fulfill their athletic dreams. It will do so through its financial support of organizations and events that promote and shape leadership and teamwork qualities in young athletes and award scholarship funding to those exhibiting the exceptional attributes Michael is notoriously remembered for." (source)
Lovely At Your Side truly appreciates the promotion, practice and understanding of true talent, and it is because of that that we here find this Foundation truly Lovely. Best of luck to Sarah in the coming training month, and we'll let you know how the half marathon goes for her after the 20th. She is accepting donations for the foundation, Lovely At Your Side will be contributing and we hope you will too.

To donate (via paypal, credit card or check) click here.
For information on the Michael Piegare Foundation click here.
To contact the Michael Piegare Foundation email them at info@michaelpiegare.com, or click here

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