My Saturday consisted of Estate Sales (got some great stuff, can't wait to show you guys!), taking the puppy for a trim, visiting with family, and a gallery opening, and while I wore an adorable dress for it all (I love dresses guys, seriously), I wish I had had this dress, the adorable "Maraschino Dress," to rock all day.

Modcloth is truly exceptional this season, it's hard for me to chose one dress a day from their site. This dress would have been perfect for sticking cash in the pocket for Estate Sales (I hate bringing in bags for fear of knocking any valuables over), for sitting out on the deck with my family and drinking the Lovely Cocktail (recipe to come soon), and for noshing on hummus and cheese at the gallery opening (information on that to come soon too, we've got a lot of work to do, huh lovelies?). The dress has the smocked back which moves with you throughout the day, which means no matter how much you sip and nosh you'll be perfectly comfortable. And comfort is what I call lovely.

For more information, and to buy click here.

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for another great post about us! I love this dress, especially the pockets!
    <3 Aire