Stephanie Teague exclusively uses "Recycled, Surplus and Sustainable fabrics," and boy can that girl use them. Her Etsy store, Pretty Bird, displays her love for "Antique Quilt tops, feed and flour sacks and depression dresses" and her impressive ability to create and execute the loveliest of dresses. I love everything in her shop from her hemp and organic cotton shell, to today's featured dress, the Fine Hemp Linen Strapless Quilt Dress. I am so excited I found the dress first, as I know Olivia would have already blogged it, emailed it and bought it if she had. She loves the idea of wearing a quilt, and she looks great in strapless to boot.
The dresses are made to fit with the quilt patch of your or Stephanie's choice, and worth every dollar. Just send in the measurements of your hips, waist, height and bust and you'll receive your customized dress, zipper in the back and all. I absolutely love the dress, the cut is brilliant with the cut out on the leg and there's nothing I love more than a dress with pockets.

For more information and to buy the Strapless Quilt Dress click here.

P.S. A lot of Stephanie's stuff is custom made, and all of it is beautiful, like this dress, and this wrap.

To visit Stephanie's beautiful store click here.

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