Today is the perfect day to be out on a boat. To be on the aqua waters, hair in the wind, Lovely At Your Side cocktail in hand sounds like exactly what I'd like to be doing today (take note friends with boats). Sadly for me, and fortunately for my readers (I'm here! I'm writing! I know you'd miss me!) I am not on a boat, but rather lusting after ModCloth's Sailing Lessons Dress.
I love the little bit of blue trim on the neckline, and the adorable blue buttons, the cut and the crispness of the colors. Can't you just imagine throwing sunglasses, sunscreen, wallet and a bottle of wine into one of these bags, throwing the dress on last minute and hitting the high seas (or the Long Island Sound)?

1. The Weekender Tote in Blue and White Striped Ticking by Death and Texas; 2. The Sailor Tote in XL by Bayan Hippo; 3. The Wildlife Tote by LL Bean.

P.S. how adorable would these earrings be with the entire ensemble?


  1. jenny, your and olivia's posts make my heart ache with both sadness (at my poverty) and glee (at the beauty of this blog!).


  2. We feel your pain, Scheweiz! Sometimes we sit there and drool over the beautiful dresses we see on the screen!


  3. Hi Jenny and Schweiz,
    I am happy to hear such emotion over our dresses! I hope you guys are able to purchase one soon, so you can smile :) Thanks for the support!
    <3 Aire