Sorry this is so late Lovelies, I was out seeing the semi-Lovely film Public Enemies (all good, just not "Lovely"), which features the non-silent film Manhattan Melodrama which stars the sometimes-silent actor Clark Gable which gets me to my point, and consequently, our dress of the day: The Silent Film Dress, from (where else?) ModCloth. This dress is perfection for daily errands, baking a pie with a Lovely At Your Side apron, a business meeting, or lunch with a friend in flats or some metallic sandals.

Alternatively, pair it with some black suede heels, like these "Gaby Suede Pumps" from Banana Republic's Mad Men inspired line, for a chic night time look. Or with a black cardigan, tights and boots for a fall-winter alternative. All in all, it's a very lovely all the time dress.

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for another great post! We love this new dress and you for all of your support! Have a nice weekend.
    <3 Aire