Today's dress of the day comes to you from Forever21, and our obsessions: The Elastic Waist Colorblock dress. Olivia first discovered the dress on a trip to Forever21 and bought one in every color, for $14.50 it's hard to resist. I never thought such a look would work on me, Olivia and I have very different shapes, but one day in outfit desperation I riffled through her closet only to find that her unworn teal dress was not a small, but a medium and looked adorable on me in a totally different way. The dresses are great for puttering about the house and can easily be transformed to evening wear. Olivia wore her gray and black one (no longer available it seems) to my birthday evening out. I wore the same combination to lunch with friends yesterday, dinner and drinks out and then a concert and felt perfectly appropriate and comfortable throughout the entire day. I love to throw on a leopard cardigan, and Olivia likes a black jersey wrap sweater. We both wear them with gold sandals, and are excited for the fall when we can slip a leotard and tights underneath. I would wear this dress every day if people didn't notice, it's just that lovely.

For more information, pictures and to buy click here.

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