In ongoing appreciation of Mad Men, which I haven't gotten to watch yet- no spoilers(!), and by total luck the dress[es] of the day come to you from Audrey and Grace, via etsy. Maybe I should just call the proprietor of Audrey and Grace and give her the access code to my banking account in exchange for dresses, dresses and more dresses, because it would be less painful than not owning one of these beauties. You can just see in the craft work that the creator knows what they're doing, Lovely At Your Side's resident grandmother, biology teacher and seamstress commented that the creator was "A person who knows how to use, drape and manipulate fabric, a true artist." Each dress is prettier than the next, the fullness of the skirts, the perfectly picked out fabrics, the fact that all dresses are made to order. Customized is honestly one of my favorite words, have you noticed?

1. Gorgeous Sweethaert Neckline Super Full Skirt Rockabilly Cocktail Swing Dress, 2. Ravishing Floral Custom Fifties Ultra Elegant Cocktail Dress, 3. Gorgeous Custom Paisley Bateau Neckline Super Full Skirt Cocktail Dress, 4. Beautiful Summer Checks and Plaid Green and Blue Taffeta Halter Dress, 5. Amazing Custom Silk Evening Dress With Gorgeous Back and Attached Petticoat

The skirts available are just as perfectly lovely, and p.s. yellow walls and white chair rail? I need.

For more information, items, pictures and to buy from Audrey and Grace click here.

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