I never understood those people who said they had no time to change, "No time to change?!" I'd think, "There's always time to look nice." And then I started dance two times a week, walking every day and, oh yea, a company. And now I don't have time to change, which is why (I'm not sure you noticed) I've been posting lots of day-to-night type options. Today is a day-to-day option, necessary for running down young business owners whom I want to feature, and comfortable for hanging out with my baby sister all day doing how-did-you-get-to-be-eleven birthday activities. Pair the lovely Pinafore Dress with Forever21's Ruffle Sleeved Career Jacket (I don't own the Pianfore dress sadly, but am in the Ruffle Sleeved Career Jacket as we speak, with a pink linen skirt, so very young entrepreneur) for a chic nautical business look (white and navy always, always works). The belt cinches the waist so the skirt can fall full, and with a pair of gold flats or sandals, you're flawless to go to any meeting.

Now onto the fun part of the day: lunch, shopping and maybe baking a cake-- throw off that adorable sleeveless blazer, enjoy the stretchy cotton of the dress and get ready to bring the day on with sandals on your feet, a tote in hand and a scarf in your hair. This beautiful hand painted golden earth scarf from Dalia Gallery could be worn to cover the hair (tying it in the front so you get two tiny bunny ears, as I love to do) or folded thin and worn as a head band, even tied into a pony tail, or worn on the waist as a belt. Now go out and enjoy the day knowing you're getting plenty of wear out of that adorable and entirely necessary Pinafore Dress.

For more information on, pictures of and to buy the Pinafore Dress, click here.
For more information on, pictures of and to buy the Ruffle Sleeve Career Jacket, click here.
For more information on, pictures of and to buy the golden earth scarf, click here.

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