I love this little number from ModCloth, the Seraphine Dress, it's perfect for everyday activities like errands, grabbing lunch and walking the puppy. Or for a dinner out, even a party. It's really perfect for putting on alongside the soundtrack to "Walk The Line" and belting out songs in a southern twang, pretending your June Carter Cash. And no, I've totally never done that (yet today). This dress would also be perfect for the events of my day: gambling at Mohegan Sun. Despite the fact that I have practically zero interest in gambling (Olivia is our lovely little gambler with the great idea to invest our capital and try to double it, I clearly nixed that.) I know I'd feel like a million bucks at the tables in this dress, with the puffy sleeves and the bright colors. I'd probably pull an accent inadvertantly, the spirit of the dress just might take over. You say how creepy, I say how lovely.

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