Something we here at Lovely At Your Side find absolutely lovely is bluegrass music. We might be Long Island girls, but bluegrass is in our blood, two of our uncles are bluegrass musicians, and in our hearts, we can't disagree with Rhonda Vincent when she declares herself "an all American bluegrass girl and proud of where [she's] been." We can't help but dance when we heard a fiddle start up and some family friend in a cowboy boots and a Princeton hat start to wail. And we find it troublesome that we've never, ever, not even once been to a bluegrass festival. We're both pretty insistent on changing this soon. I hear these festivals go all night, music and food filled, followed by sleeping through the morning, waking up mid after noon and doing it all over again.
1. Draped Short Dress, $13.50; Fab Spaghetti Knit Dress, $12.50; Fab Braided Strap Knit Dress, $13.50.

One thing Olivia and I do not pretend to be in outdoorsy-- try and get us in a tent and most likely we'll laugh, but promise us delicious food, lots of music and a pretty new dress and we might soften to the idea. For the dress of the day I've picked three low priced jersey dresses available in navy. This is intentional, the dresses are light and comfortable, and navy is a neutral, so that you can wear the dresses over and over and make them different every day. Wear it one day with a scarf covering your hair, the next with a pair of cowboy boots, and then with a belt around your waist. Switch the scarf to a belt one day, and pile on a cute cardigan (protect your arms from pesky mosquitoes!) another day. Match it with a pair of outrageous earrings which clatter when you dance, or a plaid button down tied at your waist for those chilly evenings. And when the whole thing is over, if the dress is just too far gone, too stained, or torn or smells too much like campfire smoke to salvage, let it go. Cut it into rags for car or window washing, knowing the investment of the dress paid off and that it's time, like all things in life, to let it go.


  1. Wow - love this article and fashion advice! Scarves are such a wonderful way to dress up a simple ensemble. Thanks for including my hand painted scarf :) Wonderful blog!

  2. I really like your website and this article. Thank you so much for posting my leopard skin belt. What a compliment.