New for fall! New for our wardrobes! We need them! We need them! Forever 21 has come out with a short sleeve version of their fabulous sleeveless color block dress which Olivia and I love so much. The colors are perfect for fall, mustard, navy, crimson and gray make me want to cuddle up with a mug of tea and a book, go to my high school homecoming bonfire, pick apples and bake a pie!For the beyond lovely price of $13.50 how can I resist getting one in every color? I want to wear one every day of the week-- I am bringing three of the sleeveless version on my five day vacation! Monday wear the mustard and white with brown boots and a jean jacket. Tuesday navy and gray with crocodile brown flats and a short trench. Wednesday the gray and white with a patterned flat or cardigan (leopard print anyone?). Thursday the crimson and gray with the brown boots and black tights, paired with the short trench again. And finally, Friday the blue and white with cowboy boots and the jean jacket for a little cowgirl let loose. What a lovely uniform!

For more information, pictures and to buy click here!

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