Clearly, I really, really want to be on the water as yesterday's dress was The Sailing Lessons Dress and today's is The Maiden Voyage Dress, both from ModCloth. I am one of those romantics who loves the idea of a cruise in theory (that theory usually being Gentleman Prefer Blondes) but in practice I can't get too crazy about it. Unless of course it was an experience like the Queen Elizabeth 2, and this dress looks like a perfect Bon Voyage dress for a journey on the QE2.

Throw on the Here Today Headband from Fink so your hair doesn't get all messy in the wind as the ship sails away; pair the whole outfit with the White Vintage Faux-Leather Evening Bag (big enough to hold your keys and lipstick, small enough to not make a scene) and you're ready to bid your loved ones adieu and sail off into an unknown (or okay, I guess known) destination.

And if you aren't actually sailing away on a retro cruise liner, this outfit is a perfect way to make a statement at a picnic, family reunion, or even a casual day wedding. Because the dress has a shine to it, it can be easily dressed up (with pearls and white heels!) or down (with a headscarf and sandals). The shape of this dress is brilliantly crafted, and there is no doubt that The Maiden Voyage Dress would look amazing on any maiden.

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