I think I may have found heaven on earth. Tonight I wanted to write the Lovely Etsy Find of the Day about the fact that Etsy also sells homemade food and baked goods (just wait for Lovely's holiday cookies come November!) and I stumbled across this gem of a find. Why need romance, puppy dogs, dresses, and diamonds when you can have safe-to-eat cookie dough out of the tub?!

The "safe to Eat Ultimate Monster Cookie Dough" from the store, Bliss Candies, comes in a tub which serves twelve (which, in my book means six, which ultimately means three, and really just one). This Monster Cookie Dough has chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter, m&ms and oatmeal (see, there is something healthy in it). As Bliss states on their site, "Our Safe & Ready to eat cookie doughs are specially formulated to be gooey and smooth and contains NO EGGS! This one is one of my favorites...did someone say pajamas and chick flick??" Seriously, perfection in a tub. Never thought it could be found.

Isn't there something so lovely about sitting on the couch with your favorite people, watching the best movie, laughing, joking, eating cookie dough and slowly falling asleep surrounded by friends? Totally lovely.

Best part? All of their cookies are shipped in "biodegradable containers, which are made of either corn or sugar cane fibers."

Great. Now my mouth is watering and I need to go look for something to eat. Thanks a lot, Bliss Candies!

PS. Oh my, check out the cookie dough sandwiches. These should have some sort of a warning label on them.


  1. Lovely-Thanks so much for featuring our Cookie Dough on your blog, such an honor! We have new drool-worth items listed on a weekly basis, so come back for more "eye candy" when you are feeling a bit hungry ;)

  2. this sounds amazing!!
    i dont have to risk eating the "non-safe" cookie dough anymore! yay
    <3 Alex K.