Picture this: you have a beautiful dress on, you're at a picnic with fresh berries and cake, you have a flower in your hair: Lovely. Now picture this: the flower behind your ear doesn't stay and in between every other word in the conversation you get so fed up with fixing the flower that eventually the poor flower gets thrown in the pond: Not Lovely.

What's a lovely woman to do? Well, readers, I have found your solution. These beyond gorgeous headbands from Black Satin Shoes allow us ladies to wear beautiful things in our hair without all the fuss and fixing. This Yellow Poppy Headband features a yellow and cream poppy, and "yellow satin ribbon around a metal headband."

The designer Chante, from California, designs all her beautiful pieces and loves to create with flowers, pearls, and bows. So lovely!

This headband would look perfect with The Heidi Dress from Modcloth, some light colored sandals, and you're all ready for a classy picnic with the finest of company and wine!

PS. This Scottie Dog ring is adorable, too!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog Olivia!!! So sweet of you to feature my headband. XOXO chante

  2. Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for featuring the link to our dress! We really appreciate all of the support from your blog!
    <3 Aire