Here at Lovely At Your Side, we love women who have the creativity and brains to run their own business. But, what's a lovely girl to do with her business cards while she runs about town? Lucky for us, Bits O' Honey Design has the most adorable, well-crafted, and classy business card holders. I was looking for a card holder which would fit with my lifestyle; nothing too simple, but nothing trendy; something that will hold up strong in my many bags, but will look amazing when I pull it out to give a card to someone. My favorite design is the Daisy Chain in Pink. It's beachy, beautiful, pink, and yet, still looks very professional. I think this would look perfect, whether hanging in the park with you, or at a business meeting. Great job, Bits O' Honey, you're keeping us Lovelies efficient and stylish at the same time!

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  1. Thank you soooo much for featuring my lil card case. This was definitely a lovely surprise! Monica :)