One of the things I absolutely adore about Etsy is it's unique quirkiness. You can search for the oddest, most unknown items on Etsy and most of the time, you will find amazing things which fit the criteria that you were looking for exactly. While organizing the office yesterday, I found my dulcimer. A dulcimer is a string instrument that became very popular in old-time American music during the 19th century. It's truly a lovely instrument not only in its sound (it was so popular because the sound was well suited for parlor gatherings), but it is a beautiful instrument as well. My uncle, a bluegrass musician, handed down an Appalachian dulcimer to my mother, which is now in my hands. I've been meaning to hang it on the wall forever, because of it's elegant grace and sweet tone (no pun intended) while still maintaining a certain country-feel that it exudes.

So, I typed "dulcimer" into the Etsy search box and was blown away with the results. Appalachian dulcimers tend to have beautiful carvings in the wood; this Solid Walnut Mountain Hourglass Dulcimer, from the shop Dndteesandstrings, has carvings of dragonflies and cattails. The delicate shapes of the cutouts add to the uniqueness and romance of the dulcimer.

I especially fell in love with this gorgeous dulcimer necklace from the store A Sterling Performance; I love the straight edge silver with the adorably minute dulcimer on it, and the carvings around it. I think this is a one-of-a-kind find and a perfect gift for any musician. I would love to wear this original dulcimer necklace with the Bavarian Cream Dress from ModCloth for a country, down-home, lovely look.

Etsy even had dulcimer items for the children in your life. This "D is for Dulcimer" patch block from the store Ex Libris Handmade, is a handmade 6x8 miniquilt which would look perfect on any baby's room wall, or even the wall of a music room or study. I loved all the items in the Ex Libris store; her cloth books are the perfect baby gift and truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Etsy is an amazing place to find unique gifts and great finds; what strange item would you search for in Etsy? What comes up when you do this search?

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