I have to say, nothing is lovelier than opening up your mailbox and receiving an old fashioned letter from someone you miss. I love ripping open envelopes and letting them slowly drop to the ground as I unfold a letter in my hand, sit down on the porch, and let my eyes excitedly skim over the letter. There's something so romantic about sweet letters; they epitomize the idea of lovely. Love letters don't have to be about romance, they're about sending love from one place to another; a love letter is simply a way of saying, "You're on my mind."

This is why, when I saw the adorable "Envelope Jewelry" from Looka Jewelry, I knew I wanted to share with the world that the art of the envelope has not died, but has simply been transformed into a wearable art. What drew me to the store was (unsurprisingly) these envelope rings. I love how delicate they are, yet say so much. They are custom made and can be stamped with a name, date, or anything you'd like on the back of the envelope. What a great idea for a bride-to-be (wouldn't this be an adorable engagement ring?), a
new baby, or an anniversary gift. Or, maybe just as a present to yourself for accomplishing something magnificent.

The closed envelope necklace is also a great gift for someone. Like the rings, these necklaces can be stamped with a special message, date, love note, etc. This seems like the perfect graduation present for a special friend or sister, or even a lovely mother's day gift (you could have it signed by all your siblings). I really admire the way that Looka Jewelry doesn't mess too much with their materials, but keeps their designs simple, classic, and very clean looking. I think these are an ideal lovely present for someone. They are gorgeous, unique, personalized, and a gift which no doubt would become a family heirloom.

PS. Check out Looka's handsome money clips for the Lovely Gentleman in your life.

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