There's nothing lovelier than sitting on the beach, moon hung overhead, sand between your toes, and a lovely gentleman strumming your favorite tunes on the guitar. We don't often highlight gifts for gentleman on Lovely At Your Side, however, when I came across this one-of-a-kind guitar strap, I knew it was a must-have for any Lovely to get for the musician in her life.

This vegan (great gift idea for a vegan musician!), original guitar strap is from the store Island Provisions based out of Gig Island, Washington. The strap is made of 100% cotton fabric, making it easy on the shoulder while one strums his or her guitar until the sun comes up. I love the pattern on the strap! It's an orange, vintage looking flower print which would look professional enough to use during a gig, or simply sitting under the stars. I think this is a great present for a gentleman (or lady) musician you know because it says, "I love and respect your music...will you play me a song?"

And of course, in true Lovely At Your Side style, I found a dress which matches the guitar strap! The Clarita Chiffon Dress from Forever 21 is a delicious looking sleeveless dress with thick straps, a waist tie, and a gorgeous orange and rust paisley pattern. You would be in perfect style, matching the guitar strap, listening to the sweet tunes while you sing along. Plus, for under twenty dollars, this dress is a steal!

PS. This adorable Gazpacho Dress from ModCloth would also match!