Sometimes I think that I was meant to be born in another time; that I was destined to live in some little beach house on the shore of an island and spend my days entertaining friends, quilting, making presents for people, and baking angel food cake. The time: the early 1920s. The place: North Shore, on the Eastern end of Long Island. The outfit: The Champagne Rosette Tank and 30’s Green Silk Skirt. But what does a lovely hostess, serving chilled lemonade and tea cookies, wear as an accessory? Perhaps these Vintage Lace Earrings from the aptly named store, That Old Blue House.

These lovely and adorable earrings are made from "delicate pieces of antique lace [...] sandwiched between two pieces of micro-thin glass, soldered with a silver solder then finished with an antiqued copper patina." The earrings are perfect for wearing to a picnic, work, or even dressing up and wearing them to a wedding (or at your own wedding, they could be your "something old!") I love how delicate the lace looks encased in the metal, giving it a very antique, feminine look. These are a definite one-of-a-kind find and would make a beautiful mother's day gift, valentine's day present, or a "just because" present for yourself!

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