Yesterday, I posed the question to some friends: "What do you think is lovely?" One of our Lovelies responded, "Big statement necklaces with blazers and skinny jeans." And I have to agree completely. There is something inherently lovely about looking crisp and clean, yet beautiful and feminine at the same time. I love the skinny jeans, blazer with rolled up sleeves, crisp white button down, and big necklace look. It's timeless, classic, and gorgeous. But, where does one find a "statement" necklace for this perfect outfit?

If you wanted to go real simple and pair the white shirt with a white necklace, than the Classic Black and White Vintage Necklace from Michvanetta, based out of Melbourne Australia, is the one for you. Made from vintage white beads, paired with "Black Czech Glass Beads and awesome vintage, white wavy beads and finished off with smaller, pink, vintage beads." This classy necklace would look great for a gallery opening, movie premiere, or even just a dinner party. The white beads would contrast your skinny jeans perfectly, giving you a very put-together look.

If you want some more color, go for the Blue Spotted Jasper and Porcelain bead Necklace from J.W. Style. It's made out of ceramic and porcelain beads which are a stunning blue color, reminiscent of a very saturated in color blue bird egg. This necklace would be perfect for a night out, sightseeing in Italy or Paris, a dinner party in East Hampton, or even just for a lovely date with a new gentleman. The colors in the necklace are sure to bring out the color in every one's eyes, whether they are brown, blue, or green. This statement necklace would amp up any outfit, even just the simple t-shirt and jeans.

And, if you want a more dramatic look, go for the Spearmint Fiber Necklace from KJoo, based out of Portugal. This lovely necklace is sure to be a conversation piece, for it is made totally out of wool! The necklace can actually be ordered in a variety of colors, making it a one-of-a-kind find, a great gift idea, and something you can easily personalize for your wardrobe. This necklace would look outstanding with boots, skinny jeans, and a white shirt. You don't even need the blazer to finish off the look, the necklace says it all!

What is your favorite lovely statement necklace?

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  1. Yay! As I'm in Rome now, I can't wait to get back to NYC to buy some of the stuff mentioned above. I'm currently using an anthropologie 3-tiered necklace that is green string & a green stone, purple beads, & mini silver paillets. It's not new but it makes my uniform of a long black skirt & tank with sandals uber dressy. I also love huge amber medallions and my "Wilma Flintstone" necklace: a short pearl type necklace made of oversized kelly green baubles. Perfect with a LBD.