Sometimes, as the seasons change, as the summer ends, and as the moon wanes, we feel a desperate need to change something in our life. Do we dye our hair? Do we change our wardrobe? Do we buy a new car? Personally, when I need a new change, I like to redo my room. My aunt tends to move all the furniture in her house around whenever she needs a change. I like to change the quilts on my wall, move my artwork around, and reorganize the closets, but sometimes even that doesn't heed enough change.

It's too expensive to buy a whole new sheet set, so when I feel like I need a more drastic room change, I simply change up my pillow covers. I love pillows. I probably have about ten too many on my bed. So, when I saw these adorable pillow covers from Cotton Colors, based in Jackson, Mississippi, I knew they would do the job and add beautiful change to any room.

I particularly love the Chocolate Regency, The Happy Birds (love the retro look of this!), Little Chirps, and the Brick-Red Damask; they are all 16 inches, and do not come with a pillow, but U.S. buyers can add a pillow to complete the look for only ten dollars. To be quite honest, all the covers are gorgeous and would perk up any room, in any house, dorm room, apartment, or even car or cubicle!

PS. These would be a great mother's day present, present for grandmothers, graduates, new brides, housewarming, or, get one for yourself to change your room up today!

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  1. How funny you should mention this - I'm in the process of redoing my room too! Fun!