I have this weird obsession with kitchen tables. I believe that the household revolves around the kitchen table, so one must own a table with history, love, and sturdiness built into it. Our kitchen table has so many paint stains and craft marks that it sums up our family's history in just one simple table top. Kitchen tables are like trees: the marks on the table reveal the history of the owners. Whenever I go to antique shops, I run my hand over the smooth wooden tables, each containing their own history, and think about what the table would be like in my future house.

Lucky for us, Etsy isn't just contained to dresses, rings, and pillows, but beautiful handmade furniture, as well. This morning on Etsy I came across this gorgeous salvaged cherry table from Barn Owl Furniture. It is made from "reclaimed cherry. The wood was salvaged from the hay loft floor of a barn built in 1886 in Illinois." The wood has such history to it, I love it! I can't even imagine what that wood would (ha) say if it could talk. I happen to love cherry; the color is so romantic, and it tends to pick up the feeling of whatever room it is in all the while adding great character to the room. This is a totally handmade table; "The table top and supporting frame is antique cherry. The legs are made from reclaimed southern yellow pine from the same barn." I love the idea of taking wood from one barn and making it into a brand new piece of history. Talk about being eco-friendly!

This is exactly the type of table that I would love to have in my house someday. I can just picture holidays, birthdays, late night talks, and hot chocolate post-snow meetings occurring at the table. I know when I have a house, someday, I'll be checking Etsy for great one-of-a-kind finds that I can make part of my family's history.

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