I have this slight obsession with The Style Network. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with a television channel that focuses on home design, fashion, and weddings? Last night, while watching a show about wedding cakes, I started to get slightly (okay, very) interested in the concept of "cake toppers." For those of you who don't know, a cake topper is the image of the bride and groom (or whatever the bride and groom want) that literally tops the cake. Some people like to have extravagant toppers (they get actual likenesses of them for their toppers); some people like to have cutesy images of the bride and groom in shackles; some people do animals, instead of real people. If you haven't noticed already, I tend to stick to simplicity. I like the basics of life, the natural elements, the understated and elegant. Therefore, when I searched "cake toppers" on Etsy (and by the by, Etsy has an amazing wedding section...let's not even get started on the custom dresses) and found cake toppers by NakedPeggies and Lollipop Workshop, I knew I wanted to share them with you (even if you aren't getting married, which I am not, these adorable toppers are so much fun to browse through).

NakedPeggies (love the name) is based out of Massachusetts, and features little wooden cake toppers which are customized and hand painted to match the bride and groom's own physical features. Their toppers aren't necessarily just for the cake, but people use them to "adorn their card table, or head table (I can do your whole wedding party), house party table settings, engagement presents or just to show off their new love on their desk at work!" What a great idea, to get the whole wedding party as a little gift to all your friends! I absolutely love the simplicity of these little people. It's an understated sort of message: we have each other, we don't need a crazy, over the top likeness of us, we just need these little painted people. I also happen to have fallen for the NakedPeggies because they are extremely reminiscent of the drawings and dolls created by the amazing Joan Walsh Anglund. NakedPeggies also sell Do It Yourself NakedPeggies! What a great idea for a bridal shower, or a family reunion, or even just a special night in for the two of you.

If you want just a little more detail on your cake topper, while still staying simple, classic, and beautiful, than Lollipop Workshop is the place to go. Lollipop Workshop, based out of New York, features cake toppers which come dressed to match the bride and groom; they are amazingly detailed and deliciously adorable. On their website they have a detailed questionnaire about the wedding dress and groom's suit; from there, they detail your cake topper to look just enough like you to make all your guests smile. However, they still keep that lovely simplicity to the topper, and their little smiles and (sometimes winking!) very sweet eyes, make these little people come alive. I adore that they are holding hands; it seems to me that Lollipop Workshop strives to not only show the love between two people, but the friendship between them. You can feel the playful love that the bride and groom have for each other in these toppers.

What would you have for a cake topper? Or, what did you have?

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  1. I would DEFINITELY have these as cake toppers! They're adorable!!