I love trains. I love taking them to visit friends, new cities, concerts, shows; whatever it is and wherever I am going, I find trains to be a somewhat romantic transportation vehicle. Call me crazy, but what's more romantic than stepping off a train and seeing the person waiting for you on the other side of the platform? However, there has to be a perfect train bag for traveling overnight to see friends. It can't be too slouchy (than it falls on the floor); it can't be too big (it gets stuck between the aisle seats); it must have a zipper (so all your things don't fall all over the place); and it can't be too small (how do you pack that extra train-sweater?).

Therefore, when I came across the ReJenerate Custom Overnight Bag from the Australian store, Rejenerate, the first thing that flashed in my mind was: perfect overnight train bag! First of all, I love this bag because it's what is known as a "convertible bag"; it has two straps, a long and a short. I am a huge, huge fan of convertible bags because they just make life that much easier when trying to swerve the crowds while traveling. Second of all, this great bag is totally customizable! We all know how I feel about things you can customize. Jennie Smith, the owner and designer, says, "Work with me to create your perfect overnight/weekend bag. All of my creations are made entirely from vintage and recycled fabrics. You can go for something funky, something pretty, something shabby chic - pick your fabrics from my huge stash!" How lovely is that? Imagine the many different bags you can create! The bag is the perfect shape, and combined with the customizable element, you and Jennie can create a bag that will be your perfect-train-bag for ages to come. Also, it's eco-friendly because she is reusing fabric to create new and amazingly beautiful pieces!

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