While I love shopping online (I mean, buying clothes while lying in bed is one of life's loveliest luxuries), there is something to be said about instant gratification in shopping. Unfortunately, the internet doesn't normally allow for the feeling of instant gratification, unless, of course you are buying from Happy Paper's shop. I searched for "love notes" on Etsy and came across this amazing find: Matryoshkas Stationery Set. What is this, exactly? Happy Paper is a company that designs paper items, from stationary to gift cards to birthday hats; you buy their design, download the PDF file, print it on your own printer, and voila: instant beautiful paper goods right in your own house! What a fantastic idea! For only $5, when you order your set (and they have a ton of gorgeous designs), you will receive a high quality PDF files containing instructions and recommendations, letter paper, note pad paper, to do list note paper, flat notecards, folded notecards, gift tags, envelope, and patterns. The best part is, you can reprint these as many times as you please! It's such an amazing deal. Why go out and buy a set of expensive invitations when you can buy this hand drawn PDF file and reprint thousands of invites?! I love this idea! The Matryoshka doll design is adorable, simple, classic, and very professional looking. What a perfect rainy day gift for yourself!

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