This morning I stepped out of the house to take Jenny to the train, all of the sudden a wicked breeze hit my face; I snarled at the wind, knowing exactly who it was: Fall. Dear Fall, we're not ready for you yet! Love, Lovely At Your Side. Sigh, there's no doubt that Autumn is on it's way, and therefore, it's time to start shopping with Fall in mind. This is especially true when it comes to Fall foods; so long watermelon and barbecues, see you next year grilled peaches and lemonade. However sad it is to see Summer foods hibernate, it's time to focus on the best part of Autumn: pie. As much as I love and adore apple and pumpkin pie, sometimes I tend to...well, okay, one time, I sat down in front of an apple pie, and twenty minutes later it was gone. I can't explain it, don't blame me, but it happened and the pie's life was short lived, but very much loved.

Therefore, when I came across the Long Island based online-bakery The Cookie Jar, which sells "hand pies" I got (probably a little too) excited! These hand-held, bite-sized pies are available in apple, peach, blueberry, pumpkin, cherry, or your own custom flavor. For $20, you get eight pies! What a great idea for a dinner party, family reunion, or even as wedding favors! The Cookie Jar explains, "Please know that all of my baking is made with the freshest fruits, locally grown whenever possible, and the most delicious, flaky crust, made from scratch. I prefer to use fruits that are in season and often pick them myself from the farms of Long Island!" Sounds delicious! What a great breakfast-in-bed treat, or even to pack in your lunch for work (or surprise your loved one!). Hand held pies: the loveliest dream come true.


  1. How lovely to find my hand pies featured in your wonderful blog! Thank you for the compliments and especially for the mention!

  2. Ooooh, this post may have inspired a new recipe for Sweet Life Laur! Yummmm.