Last night my beautiful cousin, Kate, got engaged! After jumping up and down for a good twenty minutes (there was a lot of squealing and hand-clapping too), I realized I wanted to look on Etsy for the perfect present for the couple. Kate and her sweetheart fiancee, Rocco, are both artists, so I wouldn't settle for some chain-store present; thus, the reason I love Etsy so much. I typed "engagement" into the search box and after sifting through tons of engagement rings (including this adorable "carrot" ring!), I came across this classy, traditional, yet totally unique vase set. The "Only One For Me Set" comes from the Florida based store, Anna's Pots. I absolutely love that this "bottle set" is a one-of-a-kind piece. I love the anthropomorphic element of all of Anna's work; each piece has such a distinctive personality. The idea that these two vases don't necessarily need each other to work, but look more perfect as a set is a lovely and romantic concept. What a perfect engagement present for two people who are very much independent, but when they join forces, they are unstoppable! What's more, is I simply adore Anna's artist's statement; I feel like her words aren't just describing her pots, but are wedding vows of a sort! Anna says, "I work primarily in groupings of pots, more specifically, with pairs. I find pairs of pots captivating. The possibilities seem endless. I love how the subtleties I put into each pot effect how the two pots seem to relate to one another. My goal is to translate the intricacies of human relationships into the silent tensions and passions between my pots." And how! These beautiful pots are a perfect gift for a wedding, new baby, Valentine's day, or even as an "I love you, Mom/Grandma" gift. Such a lovely and unique piece of art to add personality to your home!

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