With school starting this week and next for students across the world, I decided to dedicate the Etsy finds of this week to students and teachers. Part of growing up is learning what makes us unique individuals and stand out from the crowd; as a teacher, I constantly see kids trying to figure out the nuances which make them unique (or, on the flip side, suppress their nuances to be part of the crowd!). One of the major ways students identify themselves is by their pencil cases. When I was a student, I made myself a pencil case out of muslin, inserted a zipper (go me!), and wrote my favorite quotes all over it. I loved that case. It was 100% me and defined who I was at that time in my life. Pencil cases, like big necklaces, the perfect bag, and the little black dress, help define a person's character, keep them original, and all the while, carry pencils in style.

Today I came across this lovely and adorable "pencil roll" from Little Pink Pins. I love this idea! I remember my pencils used to get jumbled together and break in the bag; but with the pencil/pen roll, everything stays in place and keeps clean. I think the floral pattern is truly charming (on both the inside and the outside!); and I love the neat little package it forms when rolled together and tied with it's sweet ribbon. The pencil roll holds 12 pencils/pens and has two larger slots for your markers. This isn't just a great idea for students, but artists could hold their brushes or fancy pens/pencils in this! What a great present idea for an art-school student! I think the Yellow Floral Pencil Roll is a perfect addition to any student's back-to-school loot!

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