In the family, I'm the one that's notorious for pointing at things and saying, "Oh my god, I really need that...!" To which my family member or friend will say, "Olivia, you don't need a fourth camera/a smaller laptop/the white linen romper." However, you have to trust me on this one when I say I really, really do need the lovely Baby Ruche Bag from Jenny N. Design. Let's analyze this perfect bag for a moment; it's big enough to hold my staples in life: wallet, phone, keys, twelve cameras (I kid, I kid), sweater, magazines, lip gloss (no wonder my shoulder hurts so much!). It's absolutely gorgeous. It's handmade. It's one-of-a-kind. The strap is long enough to wear in summer, or go over my heavy sweaters and winter jackets. It has a secure closure. It's pretty much my soul-mate of bags.

Jenny seems like the coolest person around. Check this out from her profile, "I'm 23 years old and earned my bachelors of science in Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin in May 2009. I am a Yoga and Pilates group fitness instructor of 5 years, a freelance graphic artist, and an avid fan of the arts! I design all my bags in a notebook then assess their dimensions to minimize scraps and waste. I then create templates and then start sewing!" She happens to be adorable (models all her own items!), and she is (obviously) very smart, creative, and talented.

Yeah hi, let's be best friends and make bags together. Jenny N, over here at Lovely At Your Side, you'd be what we would call a total-role-model.

While I love the carrot colored bag, I am also fiercely in love with the cream colored version which features a hand-cut cherry blossom made out of leather. The cream colored bag would look perfect with The Maraschino Dress from ModCloth.

These bags are original pieces of art which would look beautiful on the arm with any outfit!

PS. Check out her adorable blog!
PPS. Check out her design website.

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