Country Living Magazine is not only a great read, but does an amazing job in finding niche, independent, and local stores to highlight. However, I have to say my favorite part of the website is their section on Women Entrepreneurs. They have a wonderful hub for creative, smart women to go and promote themselves, discuss their companies, and get highlighted on the website. Tonight I was on the site and came across Maggie Delaney, an outstandingly adorable and very smart store for girls' dresses.

Maggie Delaney
, which names each of their dress styles after butterflies, is a completely one-of-a-kind, unique company. Here's how it works: they have seven different dress and skirt styles for young girls. Each style, when clicked, comes up on the screen as a simple drawing with numbers in the different parts of the dress (think: color by number). When each number is clicked on, 100 different fabric options come up on the screen so that the girl can pick which fabric she wants for each section of the dress. This allows every young girl to be her own fashion stylist! Jenny and I would have spent hours upon hours on this website as young girls (heck, I spent all night tonight on it!).

It's a genius business idea for many reasons, but the main reason I love this website is that it empowers young girls! It allows for girls of any age to design clothing which makes them feel confident, beautiful, smart, and unique! There's so many options to chose from that it seems like no two girls would make the same dress (the website also offers premade designs, in case you're in a hurry). I love any company that allows budding women the capacity to have the control over what they wear and what makes them comfortable. Being lovely is all about being comfortable in your own skin and encouraging confidence in others; Maggie Delaney is surely all these things. A truly brilliant and lovely company. I can't wait to see what styles and fabrics they come out with next!

Photos courtesey of Maggie Delaney.

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