When Olivia was about 11 years old and I was 9, my mother started to find scratches into furniture and doors. There was no inquisition needed, the scratches were all done by the same culprit, the crime hadn't been committed very intelligently--Olivia had scratched her own name into her bedroom door, into her dresser, and her desk, and her wall. From then on its become a running joke in our family to buy each other and ourselves monogrammed items. Olivia and I have many LL Bean Boat and Totes each with different nicknames or our initials, we have wallets, notebooks and portfolios from Levenger (some with our names, nicknames and initials and some bought on sale with other's names, makes for interesting Christmas presents) and stationary with our names. But this item coming to us from Kendall Rosselli from Manors and Monograms is something I do not yet have, and absolutely need. Need, yes, I said it. Manors and Monograms specializes in monogrammed trays with mahogany stain, brass handles, glass faces with personalized "decorator fabrics and styles;" and I think they are just the bee's knees, yes, that's what I said.

Beyond the fact that I can picture myself using a large tray for serving iced tea on the veranda attached to the house I do not own, or that I would use a smaller one for my cosmetics, lotions and perfumes, I am totally in love with the website. In the shop section you can customize your tray and look through the different fabric styles, it's easy to use and interactive, which is an easy way to win me over.

The trays would be the "perfect gift for housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, and wedding showers." You could get one person the trays over and over again, changing fabric styles or initials or sizes. I only say this to suggest it to you, friends, as a gift to me. Just an idea.

Manors and Monograms
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  1. I own TWO of Manors and Monograms trays and have given at least 6 as gifts. EVERYONE loves them and they are absolutely beautiful! YOU TRULY need one! P. Bell (Long Island)