Sometimes you just know, some people call it love at first site. Some call it kismet. Some call it beshert. I call it Lovely. And sometimes you just know lovely and today I did. Today I just knew that Crown and Crumpet was everything we here at Lovely At Your Side find lovely. Alex and I wandered in and with one voice sighed and proclaimed the store 'absolutely Lovely.' From the ingeniously gorgeous emblem of a crown-kettle, to the two different and beautiful business cards, the store is absolutely flawless.

The entry way is festooned with the most beautiful table of goodies you could ever imagine. Like a childhood dream of candies stacked high, and an adult dream of packaging done with the utmost class, style and care. The table makes you want to eat every sort of sugared sweet available, to spend all your money buying the sugary goodness, to invest in the ribbons, stripes and polka dots of the wrappings.

Once you move beyond the heavenly table you encounter the loveliest floral table cloths, with brightly colored cushions upon white painted wooden chairs and white bone china upon the tables. They invite you to come sit down, and enjoy, discuss pleasant things, and order afternoon tea with your dear, sweet friend. In the back couches surround a "fire," a television with the image which creates cozy with no extra heat. I am vaguely considering moving in.

Alex and I plan to return for tea tomorrow--to feast upon toasted crumpets with butter, jam and clotted cream, and crust-less, dainty tea sandwiches. And of course, two big pots of tea. We've got a lot of lovely to take in there, and much more to discuss. I'll let you know how it goes!

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