Today during the how-did-you-turn-eleven birthday celebration activities Olivia and baby sister and I stopped into Fad, a store that's been in Huntington as long as I can remember which offers every sort of thing preteens want (pranks, webkins, hello kitty etc) as well as very, very reasonably priced hair accessories. I picked up two bows on clips and a leopard print head band (for a two dollars each), and after wearing one of the adorable bow clips all day I had to find more to share with you. Now before I proceed I want to stop you, I know bows can be a bit juvenile, but when you pair a rather calm one with a simple outfit it's just another accessory. They don't have to be child-like, just pull your hair back half or all up and clip it in, a little glam for your hair.
Hair bow depot is just that, a hair bow depot, they offer various customized grosgrain ribbons, just to start, as well ribbons in every imaginable color, bows attached to head bands, and all for very affordable prices (and currently on sale!).

Avy's boutique offers this adorable Ballerina Garden Pinwheel set of bows, I just love thee stripes, the thickness of the ribbon and the shape of the bows. I might need it.

Lastly, I show you Forever21's Fab Satin Bow Bobby Pins. I mean, come on. Do I have to say anything else? And for only $1.50 you could have a set in each color, what outfit could these not give a little playful boost to? Throw a silver in your hair on an evening out, a pink for a day at the park, or a teal for an extra shot of energy on a day of errands. And the navy is, like I said, always chic, always classic and always right. How Lovely.

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