I absolutely love getting mail. I think the concept of real "snail-mail" is one of the most romantic theories. It takes a lot of effort (and almost half a dollar!) to send someone a piece of mail. I love seeing my address on the envelope, knowing that someone had me in their thoughts and wanted to brighten my day by sending something, even just a little note, in the mail. This past week, Lovely At Your Side has received two amazing packages in the mail!

If you'll all remember, our dear friend, Bliss Cookies makes deliriously delicious brownies, cookies, cookie dough, and candies. The other day in the mail we received a package of goodies from Bliss Candies. It included Chewy Fudge Snack Brownies and Soft Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookie Sandwiches. It was a sunny day when the package came, so I sat outside on the front lawn, tore open the plastic wrapping and enjoyed the delicious moment. The brownies were the perfect chocolate taste, made my mouth water, and the texture was brownie-perfect. The cookies were soft and chewy, the cream was super-sweet, and I loved biting into the sandwich and tasting the cookie and cream together. The idea of a cookie sandwich with oatmeal cookies was brilliant and supremely delicious (could this count as a healthy snack? Sure, in our book, it is). I highly suggest getting gifts from Bliss Cookies to send for birthdays, anniversaries, or even just as a little sunny-day gift for yourself!

The other beautiful package that came in the mail was my posey ring from Kathryn Riechert's store. I finally bought this ring about a week ago (I really didn't think that the ring would be here so fast!) and had it engraved with "love to love" on the outside and the Latin, "ama amare" on the inside. I was totally blown away by how beautiful the ring is. Kathryn packaged the ring beautifully, in a sweet little box, wrapped with ribbon, and it came with a matching blue bag to keep the ring in. It was a perfect present for myself! The ring fits me like a glove (or a ring?) and it is shiny, smooth, and looks like it cost way more than I paid for it. I've been showing it off to everyone! It is truly lovely and gorgeous. I can't wait to order more.

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