Hey Lovelies, what's better than picnics in the park wearing the perfect dress? Free shipping on that perfect dress!

Special offer for Lovely At Your Side readers for today (August 13) and tomorrow (August 14): FREE SHIPPING for any Lovely At Your Side reader buying anything from the amazing store Parsimony (home of the Team Spirit Dresses which I wrote about). This is a fantastic offer from a lovely store!

Just mention Lovely At Your Side in the "message from buyer"!!

And a double offer from Lovely At Your Side: buy a Team Spirit Dress from Parsimony, send us a picture of you in it, and we'll send you a free accessory to go with the color you bought!

We're feeling super lovely today, so join in the loveliness and go shopping!

PS. Just bought mine (I got the Double Play Dress in brown and ivory)!

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