There are a few things we find lovelier here at Lovely At Your Side than rings, sibling acts, and young entrepreneurs. However, we didn't expect to find any of these three things when we pulled up to a tag sale this past weekend. Though the family had been bought out of bedroom and living room sets, as well as anything else that would fit in the car, their true gem was sitting right there between the two tired puppies. A table set up with dangling earrings and handmade wire and stone rings sat there shining in the sun. Nicky (Nicole) and Jimmy Smoot, the younger set of Kay Smoot's household, were the young entrepreneurs responsible for the lovely earrings and funky rings.

"They're not the kind of kids who sit at the computer," Ms. Smoot told us. Instead, Jimmy and
Nicky sit together, bead earrings (which we bought eight pairs of) and cut and shape wire for rings, (which we bought two of; and, since Olivia has strangely small hands, Nicky had Olivia choose a bead, measured her finger and created her a beautiful ring on the spot. The whole thing couldn't have taken more than three minutes-- how cool is that!?). Their pieces are true works of art; they make a huge fashion statement with just one set of earrings, or one ring. Olivia and I are both excited to see what becomes of this dynamic duo; besides the jewelry enterprise, they are also responsible for hugely successful food drives on Long Island. Nicky and Jimmy are clearly very smart, driven and creative kids; these two are a reminder of why we love exploring the world, exploring our never know who you'll meet, or what their talents will be!

If you are interested in purchasing some of Nicky&Jimmy's gorgeous handmade jewelry, call: (516) 978-9840

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