Okay, to be quite honest with you all, I'm not a huge fan of photography. I often look at photographs and shrug my shoulders and say, "I could do that." However, once in a long while, a photographer comes along which truly makes my eyes open wide and I yearn to buy, frame, and display their photographs in my home and life. These photographers often have a different point of view of the world; they see the world in a different color pallete; they see human beings in terms of shadows, lights, and forms; they see structures in terms of faces, limbs, and emotions.

One of these amazing photographers is Dan Verson of Verson Photography. Dan, who hails from Chicago, is not just an outstanding photographer, but takes a great view (pun intended?) of his career as a photographer, as he says, "During a shoot, it’s my sole mission to make my subjects as comfortable and laid back as possible, because a natural disposition is the only way to produce a truly great photo." Agreed, Dan.

Dan's photographs are truly lovely in the simple fact that they capture the essence of life. Because he is so comfortable behind the camera, he offers his subjects a certain relaxation which enables the photographs to come out so realistic, classic, and natural.

Lucky for us, non-Chicagoians, you can still purchase his gorgeous prints. I'll be buying one for my father for the holidays, and some of Rome for my classroom. Good going, Dan! Can't wait to see what you shoot next.

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